The employees of the Archives of the Max Planck Society will be happy to provide you with advice on the following topics/areas:

Director: Dr. Kristina Starkloff (mail) (030) 8413-3702
Scientific Archivist: Dr. Thomas Notthoff (mail) (030) 8413-3717
Secretariat: Simone Pelzer (mail) (030) 8413-3701
Archival collections: Simon Nobis (mail) (030) 8413-3705
Photo, Film & Sound: Susanne Uebele (mail) (030) 8413-3707
Digital preservation: Evelyn Schülke (mail) (030) 8413-3710
Library: Nadja Echewitsch (mail) (030) 8413-3706
Reading Room: Florian Spillert (mail) (030) 8413-3711
Stacks: Joachim Japp (mail) (030) 8413-3704
Project officer Research Program “History of the Max Planck Society”: Georg Pflanz (mail) (030) 8413-3716

fig.: Otto Hahn, Göttingen 1949; Erika Bollmann, Secretary to Ernst Telschow, Göttingen around 1950; Feodor Lynen, shortly after receiving the Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1964.

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