Use of digital archival materials

Some of our collections are already fully digitized. Upon request, we can put them at your disposal in parts within the limits of what is legally possible. So far, these collections have included some personal papers particularly often requested for research purposes in the past. Furthermore, Department IV of our collections (maps and plans of the KWS/MPG) has meanwhile undergone full digitization. The comprehensive digitization of Department I (documents of the KWS) is also completed and holdings of the II. dept. (institutes and administration of the Max Planck Society) were digitized selectively..
An exhaustive list of the digitized collections can be found further below.

The completion of our Application Form for Readers and the Declaration on Copyright and Personal Data is necessary in spite of the digital form of our archival materials. Please attach a copy of the signed application form and the list of the desired archival reference numbers to your email inquiry.
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Subsequently, the requested digitized archival materials will be made available to you as PDF files via the Cloud. Direct online provision via our website is currently not yet possible.

For reasons of preservation and conservation, the originals of digitized documents are not intended for use. The following list shows the collections currently available in digital form:

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gesellschaft (Abteilung I.)

- Includes all archival materials of this section. A summary of records can be found here.

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (Abteilung II.)

As a rule, all holdings in Department II can only be viewed on a terminal PC in the archive's reading room due to sensitive data. Other digital documents, which may only be viewed under a shortened protection period, can also only be used in the reading room.

– II. Abt. Rep. 1 - Handakten
– II. Abt. Rep. 9 - MPI für Sozialwissenschaften
– II. Abt. Rep. 20A bis C - MPI für Hirnforschung
– II. Abt. Rep. 35 - Bibliotheca Hertziana
– II. Abt. Rep. 57 - Büro des Präsidenten der MPG
– II. Abt. Rep. 58 - Präsidentenkommission „Geschichte der KWG im NS“
– II. Abt. Rep. 60 - Senat
– II. Abt. Rep. 61 - Verwaltungsrat
– II. Abt. Rep. 62 - Wissenschaftlicher Rat
– II. Abt. Rep. 63 - Hauptversammlung
– II. Abt. Rep. 66 - Institutsbetreuung (Generalverwaltung)
– II. Abt. Rep. 69 - Finanzen (Generalverwaltung)
– II. Abt. Rep. 70 - Forschungspolitik/Außenbeziehungen/Organe/Gremien (Generalverwaltung)
– II. Abt. Rep. 71 - Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit (Generalverwaltung)
– II. Abt. Rep. 91 - Beratender Ausschuß für Rechenanlagen in der MPG (BAR)
– II. Abt. Rep. 102 - Gründungsakten

Personal Papers (Abteilung III.)

– III. Abt. Rep. 14 – Hahn, Otto
– III. Abt. Rep. 20A – Nachtsheim, Hans
– III. Abt. Rep. 23 – Bonhoeffer, Karl Friedrich
– III. Abt. Rep. 31 A und B – Lynen, Feodor
– III. Abt. Rep. 43 – Bollmann, Erika
– III. Abt. Rep. 48 – Geipel, Georg
– III. Abt., Rep. 61 – Prandtl, Ludwig
– III. Abt., Rep. 71 – Rajewski, Boris
– III. Abt. Rep. 83 – Telschow, Ernst
– III. Abt., Rep. 84/1 und 84/2 - Butenandt, Adolf
– III. Abt. Rep. 86A bis D - Verschuer, Otmar Frhr. v.
– III. Abt. Rep. 93 – Heisenberg, Werner
– III. Abt. Rep. 94 – Fischer, Eugen
– III. Abt. Rep. 103 – Coing, Helmut
– III. Abt. Rep. 116 – Rabel, Ernst


Maps and Plans (Abteilung IV.)

– IV. Abt. Rep. 1 – Karten und Pläne der KWG
– IV. Abt. Rep. 2 – Karten und Pläne der MPG

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